USA Mission Group

This fall’s mission trip took place close to home.

August 28, 2011 is a day that Cheryl Champus of Glen, NH will not forget. She was in Boston for her work rotation as a Nurse Practitioner when she received a call. Her house was bobbing in waters let loose by Hurricane Irene. She said, “What do you mean bobbing?!” An earthen dam that had built up over the years was washed away by the 10+ inches of rain that fell. The waters came rushing to Cheryl’s home and had no place to go. Her home sat in a pool of water and began to “bob”. The chimney held the house in place and when it came down it rested–peacefully–back on its foundation. What are the odds?

The Madison Church USA Mission Group had planned to go to New Orleans for the 7th trip made in efforts to clean up after Hurricane Katrina. When Irene hit, we knew that we must stay home. Believe it or not, it took us a while to find someone who needed help. Our group contacted volunteer organizers and could not get a response. So plan B took effect … call people in the area and ask. Our search led us to Cheryl, via a patient! At the end of his yearly physical, he handed Cheryl a note with a phone number and told her to call it if she would like help with her home. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Cheryl did not have flood insurance. Many people do not and nothing like this had happened before. FEMA gave her enough money to buy a car, as an antique car that she had in her driveway had washed away.

On Saturday October 22, 2001 our “mudmuckers” cleaned the silt and mud that had been deposited in Cheryl’s basement by Irene. This allowed her to have a house inspector come in and truly assess the condition of the house. The inspector has determined that the house is ok and that it needs to have the guts torn out and the mold mitigated.

On Saturday October 29, our “wallmuckers” took down the inner walls, insulation and some of the ceiling in the house to allow the house to dry out. There is still a ways to go and funding must be found, but now Cheryl has a plan.

We will be staying in touch with Cheryl and her friend Dennis Murphy (yes, the tall guy who worked for Carroll Reed at one time!). For more information and ways to help, please contact Pastor Sean.

You can see posts from past mission trips by clicking this link. If you are interested in joining our USA Mission Group, please contact us.